• Single Subject Courses
    Mastering tools of the trade.


    Length of course: 6 months.

    Courses available: 


    Suited to apprentices, students and existing trades wishing to improve their skills and knowledge in construction.


    Benefits include:

    • Learn from home or work
    • Focus on one aspect of construction at any one time
    • Learn while you earn


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  • circlecompass

    Projects for the Professional
    Become recognised for your skills.


    Length of project: 6 months

    Projects available:


    Develop competence and increase confidence to function at a professional level in the workplace.


    The benefits of undertaking a project include:

    • Increase your value at work
    • Enhance your professional reputation
    • Gain confidence in applying your knowledge

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  • Bespoke Combined Courses
    Professional development.


    Length of course: 12 months

    Courses available:


    Our most popular courses help improve your skills at work. Create your own bespoke course by combining three Single Subject Short Courses.


    The benefits of combined courses include:

    • Mix and match your favourite subjects to round your knowledge
    • Increase your value at work
    • Greater value for money

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  • Who are Premier School of Building?

    For almost 20 years, Premier School of Building have helped students all over the globe to succeed in their chosen construction careers. From Civil Engineering Technology to Sustainable Construction, our range of courses allow students to add to, and improve on, their existing workplace skills.

    The Association of Distance Learning Colleges Logo

    Premier School of Building is a correspondence school and as members of The Association of Distance Learning Colleges,

    you’ll be sure to receive a high standard of education, helping you succeed in the construction industry.

  • What is Distance Learning?

    “We believe that for mature students distance learning courses are the best and most economical method of studying.”
    Distance Learning allows you to build skills and develop knowledge in your own time, from your own home or place of work. Many of our students don’t have access to a local college; others simply don’t have the time to attend full-time education because of existing work commitments.

Who is it for?

Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their skills at work including mature persons who have worked within the industry and wish to advance to more senior positions.  Premier School of Building provide courses for those wishing to succeed in their chosen career within the construction industry and for those who are considering a move from other professions.


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