Bespoke Combined Courses

  • £1,650

    (plus postage if outside the UK).

    • Courses Available: 10
    • Course Duration: 15 months
    • Hours of Study: 240 hours
    • Potential Course Completion: 9 months
    • Certificate on completion:
      Premier School of Building Diploma in (combined course subject)
  • With full flexibility in completing the subjects combined with distance learning, our bespoke combined courses are a perfect fit for those with busy family and work schedules.

    Each bespoke combined course is designed to further increase your skills and understanding in construction. Simply choose three single subject short courses from Entry and Continuing Levels to create your own bespoke combined course. This is perfect if you are looking to develop your skills for work as part of staff development; our combined courses are also beneficial to those self-employed.

    From PSB combined diploma in Architectural Development to PSB combined diploma in Project Management, each bespoke combined course will give you the right tools to a successful future in construction.

Some Examples

Alternatively you may choose three of the following single subject courses

Course Costs

The cost of each combined diploma comprising of three Entry and Continuing Level single subject short courses, is £1,650 (UK only).

Your employer will be responsible for paying for the course and providing a suitable mentor in the workplace to oversee the studies.

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